March Meals: The Highlights

March was a bit of an odd month food wise.  And also weather wise.  Just what on earth is going on with the weather?  First it looks like Spring is on the way, I start shedding layers and then the snow comes and temperatures plummet.  I’m planning salad type meals and then we have to… Continue reading March Meals: The Highlights

Playing it safe with Mushroom Risotto

It’s been a while since anything went wrong for me in the kitchen.  Everything has been turning out how I would hope it would and I’ve not had any major disasters.  This in it itself is great news but it begs the question am I still challenging myself?  I’ve been playing it safe for some… Continue reading Playing it safe with Mushroom Risotto

All my February food

I’m going right out on a limb with this and I’m hoping someone other than me will be interested in what I eat.  More specifically all the evening meals I’ve eaten in February.  The fact you’re reading this far suggests you are?  But I’m still not sure.  I first need to address the elephant in… Continue reading All my February food

Soup for lunch (and other times) with annotations for the home cook

2018 shall henceforth be known as the year I got my act together. I know it’s only February but I’ve got high hopes for this year. Please don’t let me down.  You’re wondering what on earth soup has got to do with getting my act together.  Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s about making sure I’m… Continue reading Soup for lunch (and other times) with annotations for the home cook

Nutty Pasta Bake and The Only Man in the House

When I started writing my blog some six months ago now, I had a dilemma over what to call The Husband.  I put some thought into this because I’ve read a fair few women’s (and cookery) magazines in my time and so had lots of inspiration to draw upon.  In particular, Red magazine columnist and… Continue reading Nutty Pasta Bake and The Only Man in the House

Favourite Ingredient #2: Butternut Squash

I tentatively observe my rotund adversary from a safe distance, chefs knife in hand, carefully calculating my next move.  There it is on the chopping board, all smug and awkwardly shaped, taunting me with its curves and corners.  I go forth swiftly, knife poised to make my move, for it must be sure, without hesitation. … Continue reading Favourite Ingredient #2: Butternut Squash

Favourites #1: Halloumi

I’m writing about food so why not indulge myself?  I’m starting my favourite ingredients, in no particular order, with halloumi.  I can’t remember the first time I cooked with and ate halloumi but I do remember thinking it didn’t behave like you would expect cheese to behave: ‘It’s not melting, why isn’t it melting? Is… Continue reading Favourites #1: Halloumi