Saying so long to summer with cake and other things

This is what I’ve been eating. I’ve been drawn to reds and greens lately for some reason. ‘Red and green should never be seen, except upon an Irish Queen’ and so the saying goes and as helpfully offered to me when I asked ‘how do I look?’. I also got ‘Andrea, are you trying to… Continue reading Saying so long to summer with cake and other things

Favourites #1: Halloumi

I’m writing about food so why not indulge myself?  I’m starting my favourite ingredients, in no particular order, with halloumi.  I can’t remember the first time I cooked with and ate halloumi but I do remember thinking it didn’t behave like you would expect cheese to behave: ‘It’s not melting, why isn’t it melting? Is… Continue reading Favourites #1: Halloumi

Three yolks and a naked orange

Or ‘Help! What can I do with leftovers?!’  Earlier this week I found myself with what I like to call a ‘naked orange’ languishing in the fridge along with three yolks.  Let’s consider the orange first.  Once you’ve stripped the zest from a citrus fruit it really is a race against time as there’s a… Continue reading Three yolks and a naked orange