Playing it safe with Mushroom Risotto

It’s been a while since anything went wrong for me in the kitchen.  Everything has been turning out how I would hope it would and I’ve not had any major disasters.  This in it itself is great news but it begs the question am I still challenging myself?  I’ve been playing it safe for some… Continue reading Playing it safe with Mushroom Risotto

Favourites #1: Halloumi

I’m writing about food so why not indulge myself?  I’m starting my favourite ingredients, in no particular order, with halloumi.  I can’t remember the first time I cooked with and ate halloumi but I do remember thinking it didn’t behave like you would expect cheese to behave: ‘It’s not melting, why isn’t it melting? Is… Continue reading Favourites #1: Halloumi

Maftoul salad and Lebanese meatballs

The day I made this I’d subsisted on burnt toast, cheese and onion crisps and peanut M&Ms.  So, you can imagine how hungry and pleased I was to eat this hearty and delicious meal at the end of the day.  I actually meant that sincerely even though it doesn’t sound sincere.  I love the food… Continue reading Maftoul salad and Lebanese meatballs

Spring green, courgette and pesto pasta

You may have noticed there are some things missing from my posts of late.  Unusually for an aspiring cooking blog these things are recipes.  Now, during the very short time I’ve been doing this I’ve decided that recipe writing is a bit tedious.  This is good – it means I’m still learning about my myself. … Continue reading Spring green, courgette and pesto pasta

Chip Friday and a resounding (if slightly cold) culinary triumph

Friday yesterday which meant only one thing – chips! Also two days off work.  But most importantly – chips!  Friday is traditionally ‘Chip Friday’ in our house.  In the beginning there was quite a lot of pressure (from myself) to think of ‘something with chips’.  Not just ‘something with chips’ but something good with chips. … Continue reading Chip Friday and a resounding (if slightly cold) culinary triumph