March Meals: The Highlights

March was a bit of an odd month food wise.  And also weather wise.  Just what on earth is going on with the weather?  First it looks like Spring is on the way, I start shedding layers and then the snow comes and temperatures plummet.  I’m planning salad type meals and then we have to… Continue reading March Meals: The Highlights

Favourite Ingredient #2: Butternut Squash

I tentatively observe my rotund adversary from a safe distance, chefs knife in hand, carefully calculating my next move.  There it is on the chopping board, all smug and awkwardly shaped, taunting me with its curves and corners.  I go forth swiftly, knife poised to make my move, for it must be sure, without hesitation. … Continue reading Favourite Ingredient #2: Butternut Squash