Chocolate cupcakes, denial and my ’emergency’ chocolate

There’s been a significant amount of chocolate floating around lately. Some days are chocolate days, plain and simple. There’s no point fighting it. It’s better for everyone if the call of chocolate is answered. I’ve been meeting my chocolate needs in many ways, not least by baking these very indulgent hot chocolate cupcakes. You can… Continue reading Chocolate cupcakes, denial and my ’emergency’ chocolate

Maftoul salad and Lebanese meatballs

The day I made this I’d subsisted on burnt toast, cheese and onion crisps and peanut M&Ms.  So, you can imagine how hungry and pleased I was to eat this hearty and delicious meal at the end of the day.  I actually meant that sincerely even though it doesn’t sound sincere.  I love the food… Continue reading Maftoul salad and Lebanese meatballs