I survived homemade harissa!

I really need to get this emblazoned on a T-shirt.  I feel it’s quite an achievement.  Harissa is a north African spice paste with chilli, garlic and oil at its heart.  I’ve found there’s great variation in recipes with coriander seeds, caraway and cumin seeds often included along with mint sometimes.  Some recipes require the… Continue reading I survived homemade harissa!

Chocolate cupcakes, denial and my ’emergency’ chocolate

There’s been a significant amount of chocolate floating around lately. Some days are chocolate days, plain and simple. There’s no point fighting it. It’s better for everyone if the call of chocolate is answered. I’ve been meeting my chocolate needs in many ways, not least by baking these very indulgent hot chocolate cupcakes. You can… Continue reading Chocolate cupcakes, denial and my ’emergency’ chocolate

Orkney Buffalo chilli, yee-haa!

It’s chilli time! More specifically, it’s Orkney Buffalo chilli time! I can get away with chilli in August (only just August), can’t I? In my mind it’s definitely an all year round dish. And, in the event chilli is not considered appropriate at this time of year, to strengthen my case, I will mention there… Continue reading Orkney Buffalo chilli, yee-haa!

A powerhouse of a pilaf

I wanted something fairly quick to make for tea so I went for this red and yellow pepper pilaf in ‘The 30-minute cook’ by Nigel Slater.  Unlike some other ‘fast’ cook books out there I actually have a reasonable chance of hitting the 30 minute mark with this one.  If you’re a savvy organised cook… Continue reading A powerhouse of a pilaf

Chip Friday and a resounding (if slightly cold) culinary triumph

Friday yesterday which meant only one thing – chips! Also two days off work.  But most importantly – chips!  Friday is traditionally ‘Chip Friday’ in our house.  In the beginning there was quite a lot of pressure (from myself) to think of ‘something with chips’.  Not just ‘something with chips’ but something good with chips. … Continue reading Chip Friday and a resounding (if slightly cold) culinary triumph