Chocfest 2017: A Retrospective

I’ve begun planning Chocfest 2018, otherwise known as my birthday weekend, in earnest.  My birthday is on a Thursday this year, but hey, I’m not going to concern myself with such minor technicalities.  With planning for this year’s activities well underway I thought now would be a good time to reflect upon the success of… Continue reading Chocfest 2017: A Retrospective

Food blogging: the things I’ve learnt

I’ve noticed it’s customary after a certain period of time has passed to share with readers the important and very useful things bloggers have learnt on their journey to becoming a blogging superstar.  Well, my friends, my time has come.  I’ve managed to put a fairly reasonable list together of things I’ve learnt about blogging… Continue reading Food blogging: the things I’ve learnt

Daube of Orkney Buffalo in red wine

I’ve had to make my own cups of tea this week.  The Husband has been away which means all my one sided conversations have been with the dog and I’ve been drinking much less tea.  I’ve been super busy with other essential tasks like undertaking a daily bug sweep of the kale and watching Great… Continue reading Daube of Orkney Buffalo in red wine