**Recipe** Sausage and squash bake with a crispy nutty topping

It’s a touch on the cold side at the moment; I feel like I want to hibernate and really needed something fatty fat fat.  I know it’s probably deeply untrendy at the moment but I’ve never been one to keep up with trends.  I need the fat.  It’s going to help me get through the… Continue reading **Recipe** Sausage and squash bake with a crispy nutty topping

Letters to my food heroes #1: Mum

I’m starting this new series, which in no way whatsoever complements my existing Favourite Ingredient series (check out halloumi and butternut squash as my number one and number two because that’s all I’ve done so far).  This new ‘Food Heroes’ series will feature letters from me to the people who inspired me and who were… Continue reading Letters to my food heroes #1: Mum

Favourite Ingredient #2: Butternut Squash

I tentatively observe my rotund adversary from a safe distance, chefs knife in hand, carefully calculating my next move.  There it is on the chopping board, all smug and awkwardly shaped, taunting me with its curves and corners.  I go forth swiftly, knife poised to make my move, for it must be sure, without hesitation. … Continue reading Favourite Ingredient #2: Butternut Squash

Daube of Orkney Buffalo in red wine

I’ve had to make my own cups of tea this week.  The Husband has been away which means all my one sided conversations have been with the dog and I’ve been drinking much less tea.  I’ve been super busy with other essential tasks like undertaking a daily bug sweep of the kale and watching Great… Continue reading Daube of Orkney Buffalo in red wine

Orkney Buffalo chilli, yee-haa!

It’s chilli time! More specifically, it’s Orkney Buffalo chilli time! I can get away with chilli in August (only just August), can’t I? In my mind it’s definitely an all year round dish. And, in the event chilli is not considered appropriate at this time of year, to strengthen my case, I will mention there… Continue reading Orkney Buffalo chilli, yee-haa!

Orkney buffalo sausages with stout and onion gravy

We’ve had some stunning weather in Orkney recently and yet I have an overwhelming urge to put my cosy clothes on, hunker down under the warm wool blanket and get settled with a hot chocolate and marshmallows (and then extra marshmallows). Don’t get me wrong – I’m absolutely loving the summer weather. Feeling the warmth… Continue reading Orkney buffalo sausages with stout and onion gravy