Chocfest 2017: A Retrospective

I’ve begun planning Chocfest 2018, otherwise known as my birthday weekend, in earnest.  My birthday is on a Thursday this year, but hey, I’m not going to concern myself with such minor technicalities.  With planning for this year’s activities well underway I thought now would be a good time to reflect upon the success of… Continue reading Chocfest 2017: A Retrospective

Peanut butter cups and a ganache-trophe

I’ve been making a mess of something easy in the kitchen just for a change.  I had a go at peanut butter cups and inadvertently provided an opportunity to test my ability to act fast.  This was hard, it’s not something that comes naturally to me.  If there’s one thing I can always rely on… Continue reading Peanut butter cups and a ganache-trophe

Chocolate cupcakes, denial and my ’emergency’ chocolate

There’s been a significant amount of chocolate floating around lately. Some days are chocolate days, plain and simple. There’s no point fighting it. It’s better for everyone if the call of chocolate is answered. I’ve been meeting my chocolate needs in many ways, not least by baking these very indulgent hot chocolate cupcakes. You can… Continue reading Chocolate cupcakes, denial and my ’emergency’ chocolate