Hello! I’m Andrea. I’m a normal person who needs to eat normal food. This is my blog where I share my trials and tribulations in the kitchen. Not only do I need to eat but I also love to cook. I love to eat food, talk about food, and read about food. I’m a budding baker and I’m keen on making edible gifts and confectionary (my talent currently falls short of my enthusiasm but no bother). Sometimes there are triumphs; they are the talk of the kitchen for days (read: I talk about them for days), and sometimes there are gigantic catastrophes that everyone (yes, everyone) would rather forget about. I learnt to cook with Rachel Allen and Nigel Slater (not literally) and I’m still learning all the time. I love to try new things and challenge myself in the kitchen (to some extent). Cooking from scratch is important to me as is using local produce and minimising food waste.

I originally hail from Lancashire but now live in Stromness, Orkney with my husband and our pooch Kara.

Oh, just one small confession before we get started…’cooking calamity free’ is very much an aspiration at this time. I strive every day, not for perfection, but to make a decent meal without breaking, burning or otherwise ruining anything. I hope you will join me on my culinary adventure.