Chocfest 2017: A Retrospective

I’ve begun planning Chocfest 2018, otherwise known as my birthday weekend, in earnest.  My birthday is on a Thursday this year, but hey, I’m not going to concern myself with such minor technicalities.  With planning for this year’s activities well underway I thought now would be a good time to reflect upon the success of… Continue reading Chocfest 2017: A Retrospective

March Meals: The Highlights

March was a bit of an odd month food wise.  And also weather wise.  Just what on earth is going on with the weather?  First it looks like Spring is on the way, I start shedding layers and then the snow comes and temperatures plummet.  I’m planning salad type meals and then we have to… Continue reading March Meals: The Highlights

Kitchen Fails Part 2: Even bigger fails

In last week’s post I shared just a few of the many examples I have to draw upon from my catalogue of kitchen fails.  As there’s so many examples of failure I managed to create an overspill post and so I present to you Part 2 of Kitchen Fails.  Before I launch into them I… Continue reading Kitchen Fails Part 2: Even bigger fails