All my February food

I’m going right out on a limb with this and I’m hoping someone other than me will be interested in what I eat.  More specifically all the evening meals I’ve eaten in February.  The fact you’re reading this far suggests you are?  But I’m still not sure.  I first need to address the elephant in the room: The Husband has washed his hands of social media food oversharing.  In the early days of social media, early for us but not early for the rest of the world, The Husband had a Facebook account.  All it brought him was grief.  It all came to a head when he saw one plate too many of irregularly matched, poorly arranged, ordinary food. ‘I don’t want to see pictures of what people are eating.  Why would I be interested in seeing that? Right, that’s it! I’ve had enough!’.  Account deactivated and that was the end of that.  And now I’ve taken it to the next level.  Not only am I posting pictures of my (our) meals but I’m also writing about them too.  So, now I’ve got that out of the way here’s what I (we) ate in February along with the odd bit of pondering.  So let’s get started……

Thursday 1st February

Potato and halloumi rosti with chorizo and watercress (Donna Hay magazine No. 94)

I’ve never managed to turn a rosti over in one piece or get it to cook all the way through without it starting to burn first.  So, after a failed first attempt I managed to turn this one over in 4 pieces and then I jabbed at it a few times with the spatula.  This is how I make rosti.

Rosti with chorizo and watercress

Friday 2nd February

Supergreen stir fry with brown basmati (Donna Hay Life in Balance)

Friday usually means ‘Chip Friday’ in our house (that is ‘something’ with homemade oven chips).  But in my wisdom, I suggested we alternate Chip Friday with ‘Stir Fry Friday’.  This worked for a couple of weeks but I’ve already ditched the idea.  This stir fry is very green and very healthy.  The recipe book was a Christmas present and even the pages smell good.

Saturday 3rd February

Chicken and mango casserole with brown and wild rice (Tana Ramsay’s Family Kitchen)

‘You can’t put fruit in a casserole.  You’re not going to put mango in it are you?’ Yes, you can and yes I am!  The first time I made this casserole was for my mum and sister before we went to the cinema to watch ‘The Holiday’ with Kate Winslet (not with, I meant starring Kate Winslet).  As per usual I was rushing because I was running late (due to poor planning) and having to bone a million chicken thighs wasn’t helping.

Sunday 4th February

Paprika sirloin steak with cheesy baked potatoes with asparagus and kale (Donna Hay magazine No. 88)

On a bit of a DH roll here!  A perfect Sunday meal.  Luxurious juicy and tender steak with comforting baked cheese and potato.  Oh, and a bit of green stuff.  So tasty.

Monday 5th February

Chicken tikka with cavolo nero, red pepper and sour cream (Delicious magazine healthy eating leaflet)

I made extra chicken tikka for lunch the next day and the kitchen smelled of curry for three days afterwards.  Not exactly the kind of leftovers I was hoping for.

Tuesday 6th February

Crusted sesame tofu with rice and green beans (Donna Hay The New Easy)

I like tofu but at the same time I’ve always thought it a bit bland.  Well, not anymore because tofu cooked like this, coated in panko breadcrumbs and sesame seeds and then fried, is amazing.

Sesame crusted tofu

Wednesday 7th February

Nutty pasta bake (The Complete Vegetarian Pasta Cookbook)

A regular at our table.  One of The Husband’s favourite meals.  Except this time when I ruined it with kidney beans.  Read all about it here.

Thursday 8th February

Golden salmon, peas and smashed veg (Jamie Oliver Everyday Super Food)

I used peas from the garden but I decided to double pod them because the skins looked a bit grey and pallid (who double pods peas?!!).  Oh yeah, do you remember the hour we spent double podding 400 peas?  Oh! What fun we had!

Friday 9th February

Burger and Chips (From my head)

Chip Friiiiidaaaaaay, wohoo!

Saturday 10th February

Aubergine with harissa, brown rice, tomato and olives (Jamie Oliver Everyday Super Food)

Homemade harissa didn’t have the same effect as the harissa JO used but it was still good.  I ended up having enough leftover for a work dinner but not too much to be bored of it, thank goodness.

Sunday 11th February

Lamb meatballs with mozzarella and potatoes with kale and olives (from my head and Stephanie Alexander The Cook’s Companion)

Another perfect, comforting Sunday meal.  Meat, potatoes, cheese and unctuousness.  Delicious.

Are, you still with me?  You’re doing well, hang in there!

Monday 12th February

Post gym superfood salad (Jamie Oliver Everyday Super Food)

And I had it after the gym, actually a swim but near enough.  Because that is what I do now.

Tuesday 13th February

Salmon superfood salad (Allegra McEvedy Leon Ingredients and Recipes)

Going to great lengths to eat lots of healthy stuff lately.  I’ve also made the veggie version of this and they are both delicious.  My favourite bit is the toasted seeds.

Wednesday 14th February

Chinese chicken in lettuce cups (Gok Wan Gok Cooks Chinese)

Damn this was a good meal.  It’s so juicy, full of flavour, light and refreshing and if you eat it with your hands, which I think you’re supposed to do, you get the yummy juices running down your fingers.

Chicken lettuce cups

Thursday 15th February

Curried fish stew (Jamie Oliver Everyday Super Food)

Yum, yum, yum and yum.

Friday 16th February

Lomo Saltado with chips and rice (Martin Morales Ceviche)

In Peru stir fry is eaten with chips and rice!! I thought I invented this but it seems not.  I thought potato to accompany rice was forbidden but I’m liking this new rule.

Saturday 17th February

Mackerel, beetroot and potato salad (From my head but I can’t remember)

Fish, good.  Beetroot, good.  Potato, good, good, good.

Sunday 18th February

Beef tacos (Jamie magazine No. 16)

I didn’t get steak mince even though I ALWAYS get steak mince.  It was far too fatty.  Way too much liquid.  Note for next time.  Get steak mince.

Monday 19th February

Vegetable stir fry with basmati rice (From my head)

On this day I picked up a huge piece of polystyrene while I was out with the dog for our morning walk (I didn’t need any by the way; it went in the bin) and we had lots of thick fog.  The stir fry was a product of bits and bobs of leftover vegetables in the fridge.  It did the job and was actually quite good if I do say so myself.

Tuesday 20th February

Halloumi, beetroot and spinach salad (From my head)

I did halloumi my favourite way:  coated in flour seasoned with paprika and fried till it’s golden and crispy.  The spinach was a bit tough.  It was more like spinach to chop up into a soup rather than delicate spinach for a salad.  The halloumi saved it though.  Halloumi is one of my favourites.  See some other ideas here.

Not long now – only a week to go! (Thank goodness.  I thought this would be an easy post to write but it’s taking me ages!)

Wednesday 21st February

Oriental broth (Rachel Allen Rachel’s Favourite Food)

And frosty in the morning.  I made this for my Letters to my Food Heroes: #3 Rachel Allen.  It’s been made more times than I can remember and is so delicious and comforting.

Thursday 22nd February

Baked salmon with bay and citrus with broad beans and poppy seeds and roasted potatoes (The Simple Things Magazine January 2018)

I cut my finger on an unruly citrus making this.  It wasn’t just my finger though, I went through my nail a little bit.  It was a bit gross.  I used lemon and lime because that’s what I needed to use up.  It smelled like dessert when it was baking.  Sweet and fragrant.  The citrus and the bay permeated through the salmon and it was divine.  The broad beans were the last of the summer harvest.  I shuffled them around a pan with a bit of butter and some poppy seeds.  And the roasted potatoes just finished the whole thing off.

Friday 23rd February

Quesadillas with chips and roast tomatoes (Rachel Allen Rachel’s Favourite Food at Home)

Upholding the Friday chip tradition.  With a quesadillas recipe for children from Rachel Allen.  At least I’ve got a pretty good chance of making a success out of it.

Saturday 24th February

Spicy salmon cakes with beetroot and spinach couscous (Rachel Allen Rachel’s Favourite Food at Home)

I used canned salmon for this instead of cooking my own.  I wanted a method of minimal effort.  It worked fine with canned fish.  I used up the leftover beetroot and spinach but this time I knew what to expect with the spinach.  Why I didn’t do something non-salad-y with it I don’t know.

Spicy salmon cakes

Sunday 25th February

Double loin lamb chops with roasted potatoes and parsnip with carrot and swede mash (From my head)

I went all out on this meal and treated us to something special.  Those lamb chops. Oh my goodness!  Soooooo juicy and tender!  My favourite roast veg is parsnip.  I mean, if you’re the one cooking wouldn’t you make sure there was plenty of your favourite stuff on the menu? I pan fried the chops and then put them in the oven for about 10 mins.  And I put a tablespoon of crème fraiche in with the swede and carrot mash.  So good.

Monday 26th February

Moroccan salad in a jar (Jamie Oliver Everyday Super Foods)

Except it wasn’t in a jar.  It was laid out on a plate in all it’s beautiful, technicolour glory and it was amazing!

Moroccan salad

Tuesday 27th February

Feta and sesame fritters with leftover salad and couscous (Jamie Oliver Save with Jamie)

Seems like I was on a JO and couscous roll this month.  The healthy salad type things seem just what I’ve been looking for lately now I have adopted a new healthy lifestyle (cue snigger, it’s better than it was before anyway).  It’s a shame it’s winter because salads don’t always hit the spot when it’s blowing a snow blizzard outside.

Wednesday 28th February

Mixed grain salad with salmon (Jamie Oliver magazine No. 66)

I put hemp seeds in this which was a mistake.  Still trying to figure out what I can use them for.  (Author’s note: I put the leftover toasted hemp, linseed and sunflower seeds in our smoothie the next day and they added a lovely warm, toasty flavour).  They were just a bit too harsh and crunchy in the salad.  Also, I ended up eating all the celery because The Husband picked it all out.  He doesn’t like it but that’s not stopped me giving it to him in the past.

And that, as you’ll be pleased to know, concludes February.  As we move into March, I’m looking for interesting ideas for what to do with sweet potato.  This is going to be a challenge.  Until next time!



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