New Year, new diary and another year of delicious cooking!

It’s not too late to still be talking about New Years is it?  It seems like it was an eternity ago!  I’m just going to go for it so you’ll have to excuse me as I indulge my obsession with stationary and bore you, I mean regale you, with the story of my diary…..

It’s a new year, which can only mean one thing.  I’m not talking about goal setting or a promise to go to the gym; I’m talking about the momentous occasion that is starting a new diary.  The turn of the year is usually a quiet affair.  I feel a little bit bad when asked ‘So, what did you do for the New Year?’ Um, we drank tea and played Scrabble (I won by the way).  And then spent the next 10 minutes comforting the dog, you know, because of the fireworks.  I might not get excited about New Years’ but boy oh boy new stationary?! Well, now you’re talking!  A brand new glossy flawless diary with thick good quality pages and a new paper smell you could just loose yourself in.

This beauty had been waiting on the shelf since last September for its time to bring me a little bit of daily happiness.  This diary has a story: The Foodies’ Diary published by Hardie Grant books by Allan Campion and Michelle Curtis.  I’ve been using this diary since 2012 with the exception of 2013 when I left it too late to order and I couldn’t get hold of one.  Now, I pre-order to make sure I get a copy.  The diary is jam packed with seasonal produce, recipes, food festivals and farmers’ markets.  The thing is, when I started to get it I could get the UK version.  But at some point along the line the publishers stopped producing it.  I wrote to the publisher to ask whether they would be bringing it back.  The exchange went something like this:

Dear Hardie Grant books,

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love the Foodies’ Diary.  I love the recipes and it’s so pretty and the artwork is lovely and the wine suggestions every month are really helpful.  Anyway, I was looking to pre-order the diary for next year (did I say how much I love it?) but I can’t find the UK version.  All I can find is the one for the Australian market.  Sooooooo I was wondering: are there plans to bring back the UK version?  I love it, I love it, I love it.

Many thanks in advance

In earnest anticipation of your response



Dear Andrea,

Hardie Grant books have no plans to publish a version of the Foodies’ Diary for the UK market.

Kind Regards

Hardie Grant books


Or something like that anyway.  I was naturally, incredibly, crestfallen.  But after searching long and hard on the internet in search of a suitable replacement, I decided to just go for it and get the one for the Australian market.  The diary is pretty much the same as the UK version except the seasonal produce is 6 months out and the food festivals and farmers’ markets are all Australian.  This is no good if I want a leisurely sun dappled leafy walk on a Saturday afternoon to pick up some cavolo nero, marinated olives and a bottle of small batch artisan beetroot ketchup with added micro protein (or whatever is trendy at the moment, I have no idea).

I liked the diary so much that I bought a copy for my sister one year.  The present came with a caveat ‘Oh, and by the way, when you want to see what fruit and veg is in season for January you need to look at the list for July.  Oh, and some of the fruit and veg you won’t be able to get in this country and the farmers’ market info is completely useless but enjoy it anyway I’m sure you will……

I’ve still not been able to find a suitable replacement and to be honest while I can still get the diary published for the Australian market I’ll not be looking.  In the meantime, here’s to another year of cooking inspiration and creating delicious food!  Cheers!

Autumn slaw


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