I survived homemade harissa!

I really need to get this emblazoned on a T-shirt.  I feel it’s quite an achievement.  Harissa is a north African spice paste with chilli, garlic and oil at its heart.  I’ve found there’s great variation in recipes with coriander seeds, caraway and cumin seeds often included along with mint sometimes.  Some recipes require the… Continue reading I survived homemade harissa!

I resolve to put an end to resolutions!

I wrote about my thoughts on the New Year period in my previous post so you’ve probably got a good idea about my thoughts on resolutions.  I’ve made some attempt in the past to write New Years’ resolution lists or some sort of goals list but I’ve not usually had a great deal of success. … Continue reading I resolve to put an end to resolutions!

Letters to my Food Heroes #2: Nigel Slater

Dear Nigel, I hope this letter finds you well.  And I hope you don’t mind me writing but I do have a great deal to thank you for.  My name is Andrea and I write a food/cooking blog called Cooking Calamity Free (shameless plug, I know).  I’ve only been going a few months but I’m… Continue reading Letters to my Food Heroes #2: Nigel Slater