Ricotta and basil gnocchi with roasted tomatoes and a self-help fail

Well, I only went and got a self-help book didn’t I?  Yes, yes I did.  It’s for me by the way.  Not sure that was immediately obvious.  It’s called ‘Two minute mornings: a journal to win your day every day’.  I don’t feel like I’m losing my day exactly it’s just that I do need to make some changes.  So, this is the way my day usually goes:

Get up late

Walk the dog

Late for work


Leave work late

Arrive home

General unproductivity

Make tea

Eat tea late

Enjoy the evening

Go to bed late


So, I guess you could say I am in fact, losing my day.  The idea of the journal is to spend a couple of minutes every morning getting in the right mindset to make the most of the day.  My main problem at the moment is that I’ve not quite managed to resolve the bit when I get up late and therefore don’t have two minutes to spare.  Which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

There are other things.  In addition to the general tardiness, I have a tendency to make poor choices during the course of the day.  Take this meal of ricotta gnocchi and roasted tomatoes for example.  I used the last basil leaves and some of the last homegrown tomatoes.  I’d actually forgotten when I decided to make this that I don’t like gnocchi.  My only frame of reference to date was the shop bought variety so I was hoping homemade would win me over.  I’m now a gnocchi convert.  You just can’t compare shop bought with homemade.

The dough was much wetter than I was expecting so it was a bit messy and time consuming to shape but they were fun to cook.  They do a little jiggle on the bottom of the pan before they bob up to the surface as an indication they’re cooked.  And then you get to make them all crispy and golden by frying them in butter!  There is nothing that can’t be made better by frying in butter.

Whilst it was delicious, satisfying and fun to cook, my timing was appalling.  The recipe is from The New Easy by Donna Hay and it’s from the ‘weekends’ section.  A detail I chose to ignore when I thought it would be a good idea to make on a Wednesday.  So, you see I need to make some wholesale improvements in many areas before I come close to winning my day.

The recipe I used isn’t online but Donna Hays cheats ricotta gnocchi is similar.  Serve with green salad leaves and tomatoes roasted with herbs and garlic.

Basil gnocchi and roasted tomatoes


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