Chocolate cupcakes, denial and my ’emergency’ chocolate

There’s been a significant amount of chocolate floating around lately. Some days are chocolate days, plain and simple. There’s no point fighting it. It’s better for everyone if the call of chocolate is answered. I’ve been meeting my chocolate needs in many ways, not least by baking these very indulgent hot chocolate cupcakes. You can find the recipe in The Cake Book from Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube series by Cupcake Jemma. I don’t think the recipe is online but Jemma has a website with lots of fantastic cake ideas and ‘how to’ videos.

The cakes are flavoured with cinnamon, chilli and chocolate of course. The recipe makes a respectable 24 cupcakes which is a lot for one person to get through. I had in mind to finish half with chocolate buttercream icing and then freeze the other half to be used for future emergencies. I ended up with 13 iced cakes (plus a few mouthfuls, I mean spoonfuls, of buttercream purely for testing purposes you understand).  I was scared the buttercream wouldn’t stretch so I was a bit stingy with the first few. Still, 13 cupcakes is a lot for one person to get through…….. I distributed (generously I thought) 4, which left me the rest to make my way through during the week. The cakes were so moist they didn’t loose quality as the week went by. This is good news for a greedy baker who’s sometimes not all that keen on sharing…….

But what happens when the cakes run out? I used to keep a packet of chocolate M&M’s in the kitchen cupboard. This crisp packet of chocolate happiness was a symbol; it represented my willpower. “Look, everyone! Every time I open the cupboard, there they are. Challenging me. Tempting me to rip open the bag and shovel handfuls into my mouth. But no. I am strong. I can resist!”. The only problem was my symbol of willpower was replaced often. Each time I opened the cupboard, there it was; my willpower. Except it was a different packet each time.  Now I make sure I always have a stockpile of chocolate for ‘emergencies’. What constitutes an emergency these days is open for debate.  ‘It’s Tuesday’ or ‘I feel blue’ both pass as chocolate emergencies.

At any one time my stockpile comprises all, or a combination, of the following:

  • Chocolate M&Ms – as previously mentioned. They are also my cinema treat of choice.
  • Giant chocolate buttons – a sharing bag that is not for sharing.
  • Double stuffed Oreos – The cream filling in normal Oreos no longer registers in my brain as filling. I can only eat double stuffed.
  • Whole nut milk chocolate – To avoid disappointment I check it’s jam packed with nuts before purchasing. This is just good sense.
  • ‘Phish food’ ice cream – chocolate ice cream, swirls of marshmallow and chocolate fish.  My one true ice cream love. Always and forever.

I feel like I’ve revealed my deepest darkest secrets.  But that’s ok.  Everyone has a stockpile of ’emergency’ chocolate don’t they……?


8 thoughts on “Chocolate cupcakes, denial and my ’emergency’ chocolate

    1. That’s the beauty of the stockpile. To not have one is irresponsible so you’re doing yourself a favour keeping it topped up. 🙂


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