Strawberry marshmallow cheesecake

July the 30th was National Cheesecake Day in the US.  Wow.  That was three weeks ago.  Am I really that far behind? The answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes’.  Yes, I am that far behind and more than likely I always will be.  I actually made the cheesecake a week later than I wanted because I was far too busy being incredibly unproductive.  And it’s taken me two weeks to write about it.  Again, being distracted and unproductive takes up an inordinate amount of time.

This is not unusual for me.  I’m always the last to know, the last to finish and people are ALWAYS having to wait for me.  Ask anyone.  And I’m inevitably always late.  So, if you’re after latest trends or breaking news then you need to look elsewhere because you ain’t gonna find it here!

I was thinking I could rename this post to ‘how to avert a catastrophe’ because the cheesecake could almost certainly have turned out much worse than it did (or not at all) if it hadn’t been for some quick thinking on my part.  I don’t do well thinking quickly or thinking on my feet so this in itself is a tremendous feat.  I was also partly to blame for creating the potential catastrophe because I ignored a piece of my own advice and that is to always, always read the recipe through to the end at least twice before embarking on any culinary adventure.

Marshmallows and milk are melted together over a low heat and then left to cool completely.  Completely means completely.  Unfortunately this also meant the marshmallow mixture separated and set into a light fluffy layer atop a pink milky layer.  I’ll be honest.  I panicked at this juncture and my heart sank.  Whilst I stood at the kitchen counter poking ineffectively at the sickly pink layers, I almost ditched the whole thing.  Completely doesn’t really mean completely so a scooped the whole lot back into the pan and melted it again.  This time I stirred while it was cooling to stop it separating and cooled it just enough so that it wouldn’t do something awful to the cream cheese and whipped cream but was still fluid enough to whisk.  Bravo!  Catastrophe averted #1.

The second averted catastrophe is not nearly as dramatic…….I forgot to defrost the raspberries so ended up using the strawberries I’d got for our morning smoothies.  This was probably a good thing because The Husband does tend to complain somewhat about raspberry seeds.  So, I saved myself some earache.  Catastrophe averted #2.  That was a close call.

Aside from the issues I had, the cheesecake is easy to make and it turned out how it was supposed to (for the most part).  I used a hand whisk instead of folding the cream cheese, cream and melted marshmallows to make sure it was properly mixed.  And I used a springform tin instead of a pie dish.  My version was much less billowy than the picture shown with the recipe but rarely can I make my version look like the picture.  It is a light cheesecake and is slightly reminiscent of Angel Delight, I think because the marshmallow gives it a mousse like texture.  This is unfortunate because it took considerably more effort to make than Angel Delight.

I’m going to give the melting marshmallows method another try with different flavours and see how I get on.  I’ve seen the method used to make tarts as opposed to cheesecakes (same as the cheesecake but without the cream cheese).  I’m also going to keep a look out for any other national food days coming up and rest assured, you can always rely on me to provide you with some old news.


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