Three yolks and a naked orange

Or ‘Help! What can I do with leftovers?!’  Earlier this week I found myself with what I like to call a ‘naked orange’ languishing in the fridge along with three yolks.  Let’s consider the orange first.  Once you’ve stripped the zest from a citrus fruit it really is a race against time as there’s a real risk of dehydration.  “What can I do with a naked orange?” I ask myself.  I’ll add it to a salad.  The prospect of eating the orange as ‘just’ an orange simply does not occur to me. 

Now, the yolks.  The meringues I made at the weekend left me with three yolks.  And I wasn’t about to just rustle up some lemon curd after I’d just sweated over the meringues.  When I have leftover yolks I usually just throw them in with other eggs for an omelette/frittata/tortilla.  You can actually freeze yolks, eggs in fact either whole or separated.  I’ve frozen yolks in the past but the cold had the effect to ‘cook’ them.  I don’t think I did it right.  They ended up in the bin anyway and so I certainly won’t be doing that again.  My advice to you – use up your yolks.  There is really no need to have them lying around.  In fact I did see fairly recently (Good Food magazine September 2016) the latest trend is to cure egg yolks.  It might be trendy but I think it’s just weird.

So, I made an orange, watercress and olive salad to go with a spud and courgette (let’s go with) omelette.  The salad idea came from Nigel Slater ‘Real Fast Food’.  He says use spinach and kalamata olives.  I go for watercress and pimento stuffed green olives because that’s what I have.  Switch and swop the green stuff as you like but I’d recommend to stick with the Kalamata olive suggestion.  For the omelette I use spuds and courgette from the garden and a sprig of oregano to finish.

The meal was not exactly what you’d call a feast but it was enough for two of us.  I’d go so far as to say it was edible.  The fresh garden produce really made it.  The extra yolks gave the omelette a ‘gummy’ quality and due to the yolk : white ratio it didn’t puff up nicely under the grill.  I’m not really selling it am I?!  Well, that’s kind of the point and also why I’ve not got a nice ‘after’ picture!  I wouldn’t advise adding any more than two extra yolks (maybe just one) into an omelette mixture unless you’re happy having something for tea that is just edible.  For next time I think I might just give lemon curd a go.  I’m still planning to give cured egg yolk a miss.


2 thoughts on “Three yolks and a naked orange

    1. But I only had one orange. And orange curd sounds very similar to lemon curd to me…..maybe next time…Thanks for the pasta tip!


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