Mediterranean Chicken

Back in the early days of my cooking career it really was a very dire situation. Once I’d progressed beyond buying ready-made meals and branched into using actual real ingredients my recipe repertoire was limited. Most days centred on something with a can of chopped tomatoes, red lentils and red peppers or various combinations of those things served with usually either spuds or rice. Not very inspiring I think you’ll agree. Actually it did inspire. It inspired me, while I was hovering indecisively over the single pepper vs packet of three option, to ditch the regular monochrome meal for something a bit more interesting. And so I started buying cookery magazines to get some ideas. And it worked. After a slow start I was soon buying a couple a month and also browsing the cookbook section in the library. Since then I’ve not looked back. Ok, well, I have looked back but only in wonder at how far I’ve come.

This Mediterranean Chicken was one of those early breakthrough recipes. I was still able to retain the familiar ground that was the can of chopped toms but look how much more you can do with it! I improved the recipe slightly (I think I improved it anyway) by stirring a couple of spoons of pesto I made to go with the Royal Potato Salad through the pasta and I used marjoram from the garden instead of rosemary. The recipe is from the July 2004 issue of Delicious Magazine, which you can find here.


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