Chocfest 2017: A Retrospective

I’ve begun planning Chocfest 2018, otherwise known as my birthday weekend, in earnest.  My birthday is on a Thursday this year, but hey, I’m not going to concern myself with such minor technicalities.  With planning for this year’s activities well underway I thought now would be a good time to reflect upon the success of… Continue reading Chocfest 2017: A Retrospective

March Meals: The Highlights

March was a bit of an odd month food wise.  And also weather wise.  Just what on earth is going on with the weather?  First it looks like Spring is on the way, I start shedding layers and then the snow comes and temperatures plummet.  I’m planning salad type meals and then we have to… Continue reading March Meals: The Highlights

Kitchen Fails Part 2: Even bigger fails

In last week’s post I shared just a few of the many examples I have to draw upon from my catalogue of kitchen fails.  As there’s so many examples of failure I managed to create an overspill post and so I present to you Part 2 of Kitchen Fails.  Before I launch into them I… Continue reading Kitchen Fails Part 2: Even bigger fails

Kitchen Fails Part 1 (please don’t use me as a bad example)

I’m still a newbie blogger in erm, blogging terms.  As is the case with starting anything new there are doubts of all kinds.  I’m sure everyone goes through the same when they start out.  Doubts about whether any one will engage with and enjoy what I do.  Doubts about whether the material I produce is… Continue reading Kitchen Fails Part 1 (please don’t use me as a bad example)

Playing it safe with Mushroom Risotto

It’s been a while since anything went wrong for me in the kitchen.  Everything has been turning out how I would hope it would and I’ve not had any major disasters.  This in it itself is great news but it begs the question am I still challenging myself?  I’ve been playing it safe for some… Continue reading Playing it safe with Mushroom Risotto

All my February food

I’m going right out on a limb with this and I’m hoping someone other than me will be interested in what I eat.  More specifically all the evening meals I’ve eaten in February.  The fact you’re reading this far suggests you are?  But I’m still not sure.  I first need to address the elephant in… Continue reading All my February food

Letters to my Food Heroes #3: Rachel Allen

Hi Rachel, How’s it going?  I expect you’re super busy with family things, the cookery school and restaurant and what not.  I’m assuming you haven’t heard about my Food Heroes series so I’ll just give you a bit of a run down.  I’ve not been going long with it as you can see, as I’m… Continue reading Letters to my Food Heroes #3: Rachel Allen